DOB - October 16, 2018

OFA -prelim Good

DNA color - e/e, B/B,KB/KB, ay/a, 

DNA Genetics- DM-clear, NEWS- Clear, VWD- clear, Osteochondrodysplasia-clear.

My standard Poodle is dark Apricot parti. He is here as my pet.  His health clearances have been done & Louie is clear on his 4 panel test & prelim OFA good hips. He's so pretty : ) 

If I keep this gorgeous guy I will send him to Sierra Combs in Kentucky to have trained on birds. He should get his Field Champion Title in 2020.

I have decided to place Louie into a good home. I am cutting back & have know one to breed him to. 

King's dad AKC Ch. Belvedere's New Beginning CGC

King's puppies are $1500.00 for a pet. Ask about full registration

Red's puppies are $1500.00 for a pet. Ask about full registration.

AKC CH. Motley Acres King Will Do Just Fine

Johnny's dad is a blue/fawn merle pied with green eyes. He carries chocolate. He really looks like he's lilac.

Johnny's mom's DNA is blue, sable & tan

AKC Motley Acres Johnny On The Spot

​​​"Big Red"

DOB August 5, 2016

OFA Prelim - Good

Elbows - Normal

CLAD clear by parentage

PRA1 PRA4 clear by parentage

Red was imported from Timisoara, Romania. He has grown into a big gorgeous dog that is so dark mahogany he's almost purple. 

Red has a fabulous champion pedigree from all over the world including bloodlines from Ch Garden Star of Rom. Srb. & Hun. Ch Applegrove of Rus. Ch Pendoric, Ch Thendara, Ch Setterlands of NZ & Ch Fairhaven. These are the best of the best in Europe. 

I am very proud to have Red here at Motley Acres Farm and he is a huge part of my breeding program. His puppies are very nice & he put his gorgeous head on them. 

​As pretty as he is, Red doesn't like to show, he would rather stay home & play with his friends. So, that's what he can do. Not every dog is a show dog & not everyone show's their dog. I'm totally fine with that. He is so sweet & friendly & loves it here on the farm. 

Imported from Romania

International Champion

ACR/AKC Enjoy Motley Acres Irish Goldset



 Red's Parents


Imported from Poland

PKR/AKC Amore Dolce Kucciolotti



DOB February 8, 2018

Penn-Hip - Good

Elbows - Normal

CLAD clear by parentage

PRA1 PRA4 clear by parentage

Dolce came here in October 2019 from Puppies In Paradise, Paradise, PA. I hope to get his International title soon for him & in the mean time he can be bred to a few of nice girls here at Motley Acres Farm. 

His dad is Poland Ch. Hungary Ch. Fairhaven Zenith El Primero, by CLE, V-14, TLNW-15 CH Applegrove I Am The Dragon's Aid. Dolce's mother is Poland Ch Runianka Bajkowe Dudzielce. His pedigree has Ch. Setterlands, Ch. Fairhaven, Ch Applegrove, Ch Eireannmada.

This guy is very well bred with International Champions from all over the world with excellent health clearances from 5 generations. We hope to have a nice litter from this guy soon. I love his very dark color & look at his gorgeous head. After a litter or two, he will be neutered. 

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Motley Acres Puppies

King was bred and born on the farm and has grown into a very beautiful young adult. His pedigree is full of AKC Champions from his dad GCH CH Belvedere's Mayflower from Ch Avon Farm, Ch Willowbrook, from Ch Lanascrol Gladiator, Ch Meadowlark bloodlines also.


His mother is Int. Ch Captiva Constance she was born in Canada. I was Connie's 4th owner at the young age of about 1 1/2 years old. She has a wonderful pedigree from mostly Ch Captiva Kennel. I am very proud to have this gorgeous guy here as 1 of my breeding sires. We hope to breed him in 2020. King will always stay here on the farm.

Dolce's puppies are $1500.00 for a pet. Ask about full registration

International/National/Honors Champion Puppy

Best Of Breed Puppy, Sporting Group 1 Winner 2 Times

Best Bred By Puppy 2 Times  

Reserve Best In Show Puppy Bred By Exhibitor his first show at 5 months of age 2018.

International Ch. 

Best Bred By 2 Times

Sporting Group 1 Winner

at his second show at just 14 months of age in 2019. 




DOB - December 12, 2017

OFA Elbows - Normal

OFA - Certification -FBU-PA3082/12M/P-NOPI

DNA color - AY/AY, B/B, d/d, E/E n/EM, S/S

DNA Genetics- CMR1- clear, DM- clear, 

         HUU- clear,  JHC- clear.

He may be a carrier of un-testable chocolate.

My only breeding male Johnny, he is blue/fawn merle pied with brown eyes. Johnny is a house pet & has been added to our breeding program. This nice boy is coming along great : ) He sires a lot of gorgeous merle puppies. 

Johnny's puppies will start at $3000.00. Merle's will be $4000.00 or more.  He will be bred to Dixie, Lucy, Paris & Jolene after everyone obtains their OFA health clearances & grow up.


Bred & Born here at Motley Acres Farm 

Shown by professional handler Kevin Chestnut            of Moses Lake, Washington, State.

AKC Motley Acres Louie Lou


DOB March 7, 2018

OFA prelim - Good

Elbows - Normal

CLAD - Clear by parentage

​Genetic health clearances are all clear from Optimal Selections 

Motley Acres Farm

   AKC Irish Setters

AKC French Bulldogs

Kings mom Int. Ch. AKC Captiva Constance 

CLAD is Canine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency. This is an inherited immunodeficiency that affects the white blood cells. It will not fight off infections or a wound. Your puppy can not build an immune system. If your puppy is affected with CLAD he/she will not live past six months of age. All of our Irish setters are CLAD clear.

    Limited showing 3; 5 point majors !! 

               October 10, 11,12,  2019