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AKC French Bulldog Puppies

Due around July 10, 2020.

Fancy was artificially inseminated & Dustin is the daddy.

Fancy has been confirmed by ultra sound. There are several puppies.

Dustin is a very nice dark blue lilac & tan with green/golden eyes. He is HUU, clear, DM carrier, CMR1 clear, JHD clear. 

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for a pet. Full AKC with breeding privileges    $1000.00 more



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French Bulldog

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We will be placing upcoming litters on this page.  If you are interested in a puppy from a certain litter, please send us an email under the Contact Us page.  If you determine that a Motley Acres Puppy is right for you, a deposit of $150.00 will hold your place for an Irish setter puppy or $500.00 for a French Bulldog puppy, if you are paying through PayPal the deposit amount is $156.00 for an Irish setter pup or $520.00 for a French Bulldog pup, which represents the fees to use PayPal. All deposits are placed towards thepurchase price. Puppies are placed in the same order the deposits are received.  Deposits are not cashed until after the puppies are born.  All of our puppies comes with the following: AKC application for registration as a pet, micro-chipped, a one year health guarantee, vet check report and vaccination report. Discounts are available to returning clients. I ship from Pittsburgh. Deposits are non refundable!  The breeder has first choicefemale and/or male pup from every litter.

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Motley Acres Puppies


​1. Antione from New Jersey

​2. Shara & Mark - Northampton, Mass

AKC Motley Acres 

I Am Fancy

Please contact me for any additional questions that you may have to determine if a Motley Acres Puppy is right for you and your family. It is advised that you review our Genetic Health Guarantee and Puppy Care Contract prior to placing a deposit. You can reserve the puppy of your choice today by clicking on the Pay Pal button below. The deposit amount for an Irish setter puppy is $156.00 on a French Bulldog puppy the deposit is $520.00 and represents the additional fees that PayPal charges or you can use friends and family on Pay Pal without extra charges. Please use this email address when paying with Pay Pal friends and family: You may also contact me via email or by phone 814-275-1566 to reserve your pick and mail me a check. Checks are never cashed till after the puppies have arrived and we have a puppy for you. Puppies are always placed by the order the deposits are received! Thank you for considering a puppy from Motley Acres Farm.

**All deposits are non refundable. If we do not have a puppy in the gender of your choice, we will refund your deposit or you can go to a different litter or you can get a different gender, this is your choice. 



​1. Shara & Mark - Northampton, Mass.

2. Kelly - Langhorne, PA



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Fancy is a very nice exotic looking black merel, blue carrier with a lot of white on her, also with two toned eyes blue & brown. She is HUU, clear, DM clear, CMR1 carrier, JHD clear. 

     On The Way!!

**Keep scrolling down to see all the upcoming litters. Please go to the Available Puppies Page for more information