Motley Acres Farm


DOB May 28, 2018

OFA prelim - Good

Elbows - Normal

CLAD - Clear by parentage

 Dad is a stunning lilac & he is a pied carrier 

DOB: August 10, 2018

DNA Color - 

​DNA Genetics- CRM1- clear, DM- clear, HUU- clear

JHC- clear by parentage.

Pretty was born & bred here at Motley Acres farm. She is a daughter of Dixie & Johnny. This was Dixie's second & last litter.

Pretty is blue merel pied with grey/blue eyes. After she grows up & passes her OFA she will be bred to our new male. He is blue with white markings. He is also clear by parentage on everything. Pretty can have two litters only & by C-section.  



Quinn's mom

 Int. Ch. ACR/AKC Desert Rose Goldset

                 Imported from Canada

Fancy's mom is Mattie, she is a beautiful black brindle, blue & pied carrier. Mattie is now spayed & with her forever family in Conniaunt Lake, PA

 Lucy's dad is a gorgeous blue/sable pied with a short tail. He was imported from Hungary

   AKC Irish Setters

AKC French Bulldogs

Motley Acres Puppies

n ​​​"Cora Belle"

DOB: December 20, 2018

OFA - Preliminary Good  

OFA- Elbows are Normal

​CLAD - Clear by parentage

​PRA1 PRA4 - Clear by parentage

I was told the mother of this puppy had a Puppy Mill Pedigree, 99% of all dogs are not show dogs. That doesn't mean your dog isn't a great dog just because there aren't any champions in their pedigree. I showed Sarah's daughter & look at what she won at her first show as a 7 month old puppy.

This Irish baby girl is Cora Belle, she was bred & born here on the farm. She did very well at the show in Dayton, Ohio 

Cora Belle is a daughter of AKC Sweet Red Sarah & Int. Ch. AKC Enjoy Motley Acres Irish Goldset (Imported from Romania). After Cora Belle earns her title & grows up & passes all her health clearances & OFA she can be bred to King. In the mean time she can be a puppy & do what puppies do. Play hard with her friends. 

I took Cora Belle to her first show in August 2019. She won International Jr. Champion, National Jr. Champion, Best of Breed & Sporting Group Winner Bred By Puppy. I am very proud of Cora Belle. She may be going to get her Field Champion Title next.



AKC Motley Acres Paradise Strong

AKC Motley Acres Rumor Has It.

AKC Motley Acres Kelly Girl

International Sr.Ch./National Sr.Ch.

  Best Of Breed Puppy

Best Bred By Puppy

Group 1 Winner Puppy

International Jr. Champion & National Jr. Champion  

Best Of Breed Puppy, Twice  

Sporting Group 1 Winner

Best Bred By Puppy

at her first dog show in Dayton, Ohio.

August 24-25, 2019

                           Kelly's dad AKC CH Belvedere's New Beginning CGC

 Motley Acres Cup Of Bailey's

Quinn's dad

AKC Ch. Belvedere's New Beginning CGC

Molly arrived from Timisoara, Romania December 23, 2019. She is a very pretty & well bred baby girl that will grow up here at Motley Acres Farm. She will be shown at the International shows for her Int/Nat titles. Her health clearances are clear by parentage & she will have her hips & elbows ex-rayed later. Right now Molly is playing with her friends till she grows up.

Molly has a very impressive pedigree that includes Ch Goldset, Ch Lanascol Smoke And Mirrors is her grandfather, Ch Pendoric, Ch Applegrove, Ch Setterlands, Ch Avon Farm, Ch Fairhaven, Ch Quinniver's  bloodlines.

Molly will be bred to our AKC Ch Motley Acres King Will Do Just Fine. You can read about his fabulous Champion pedigree on the Boy's Page.   

ACR/AKC Follow You Heart Goldset



DOB June 19, 2019


CLAD - Clear by parentage

Scarlet was imported from Warsaw, Poland. She is a very nice, sweet loving and very correct puppy. I'm so happy to have her. 

Scarlet's dad is Poland Ch. Tommy Hilfiger of Glory Red from Ch. of Isbr.  GCH. Isbr, Int. Ch. Pendoric Hell Razer & JCH. of Israel, CH of Israel Cheers Glory Red. Also Field Titled.

Scarlet's mom is Poland Ch. Kingdom Of Love All Irish Gold from SH CH Scotselaw Detroit Spinner By Thendara & Royal Wish All Irish Gold. Also Field Titled.

This puppy has excellent & very impressive champion bloodlines from all over the world. Including Ch. arden Star, Ch. Eirennmada & Ch. Meadowlark. I am in love with Scarlet, she's so friendly & smart. I plan to show her in the International shows first & maybe in the AKC shows later after she grows up. 

Cora Belle's dad is Red, you can see him on the boy's page

These are Ariel's parents

 Motley Acres Pretty Darn Pretty

AKC Motley Acres Desert Rose By Avon

 Mollie's mom

Bailey's mom

Int. Sr. Ch. AKC Motley Acres Kelly Girl

 Bailey's dad

PKR/AKC Amore Dolce Kucciolotti

​Imported from Poland


DOB January 14, 2020


Elbows - 

CLAD - Clear by parentage


DOB: October 1, 2016

OFA Prelim - Good

CLAD - Clear by parentage

Kelly is a daughter of INT CH. Best of Breed AKC Captiva Constance, Connie. Connie's mother is AKC/Can CH  Captiva's Marilyn Monroe & AKC CH Captiva's Saved By The Bell  who are from the Captiva Kennel in Ontario, Canada. Kelly's dad is AKC CH Belvedere's New Beginning CGC, Bentley. Bentley's dad is Grand Champion, Champion Belvedere's Mayflower, Pilgrim. Pilgram's parents are AKC Champions from Avon Farm. Generations of Grand Champions and Champions from both parents.

Kelly has the beauty, fabulous breeding, conformation a pedigree of beauty & health clearances  behind her. They just don't come much better then this girl. I am very proud to have this exceptionally well bred Irish setter here at Motley Acres Farm. Kelly has obtained her health clearances & will be bred to Big Red, Romanian import.


All grown up

  National Champion Puppy  

Best of Breed Puppy

her first dog show in Dayton, Ohio. August 24-25, 2019

Kelly's mother Int CH. AKC Captiva Constance


DOB: May 4, 2018

DNA color - Em/E, B/B, ky/ky, ay/a, sp/sp, h/h, d/d, C/C, m/m, -I-

DNA Genetics- CMR1- clear, DM- carrier, HUU-clear, JHC- clear

Lucy is a gorgeous blue/sable pied baby girl that is just as sweet as can be. She has very pretty markings on her back and her face is perfect : )  Did you know that the French Bulldog is suppose to have a short strong tail? Lucy has a short strong tail. Look at this baby!! Lucy loves to cuddle on the couch & loves to outside for play time, but really enjoys to be indoors with us. 

Lucy will be bred to Johnny in the future after she passes her health clearances & after she grows up. Lucy is a great asset to our breeding program & we're looking very forward to making Lucy a part of our family as a house pet first. 


Imported from Warsaw, Poland


DOB: August 10, 2018

DNA Color - Em/Em, B/B, ky/ky, ay/ay, S/sp, h/h, d/d, C/C m/m, -I-  She is Lilac her chocolate is non-testable.

​DNA Genetics- CRM1- clear, DM- clear, HUU- clear

JHC- clear

Our newest baby girl came from Paradise, California. The entire town of Paradise, CA burned to the ground in November 2018. The breeder of this gorgeous puppy lost everything & her house. I can't imagine what Michelle is going through. Michelle escaped with her dogs, found her daughter & that's what she has left. This is why I named this sweet baby girl, Paradise Strong.

Paris is a very sweet & very playful.  This baby girl has joined our family this November, 2018. She's a beautiful French Bulldog. Her dad is a stunning beautiful lilac & he is a pied carrier & her mom is blue/fawn, pied carrier.

Paris is being house trained & is a pet first, she lives in the house with us. After she grows up she will be bred to either Batman or Johnny depending on her genetic test results.  You can see the boys on the Boy's Page. Batman is a blue/fawn pied & Johnny is blue/fawn/merle pied. She can be bred to either of the boys.

Paris is a great asset as our house pet & to our breeding program. She has a lot of growing to do before she will ever be bred. She is a very sweet & friendly baby girl. She loves to cuddle : )



Lucy's mom is a beautiful blue fawn, pied carrier

Fancy's dad is Johnny, he is a gorgeous blue/fawn merle pied that I'm in love with. 


Bailey was born and bred here at Motley Acres Farm. Her mother is Motley Acres Kelly Girl and her father is Amore Dolce Kucciolotti imported from Warsaw, Poland. 

I plan to show Bailey a little in the International shows in 2020-2021. 

Bailey is as sweet as can be & loves to play with the other dogs & puppies.  After her prelim OFA & she grows up, she will be shown & bred to Big Red.


DOB: March 21, 2019

OFA Prelim - Good

Elbows - Normal

CLAD - Clear by parentage

PRA1 PRA 4  - Clear by parentage

Ariel came to me from Moscow, Russia from the Shall We Dance Kennel. Ariel arrived in Washington, DC Dulles International Airport May 25, 2019. Ariel's parents are multi champions from several different countries in Europe.

I took Ariel to her first show in August 2019 & she won Best Of Breed Puppy & National Champion Baby Puppy.



DOB August 19, 2019

OFA prelim -

Elbows - 

CLAD - Clear by parentage

AKC Motley Acres Tennessee Blue Dixie

AKC Motley Acres Johnny On The Spot

 Imported from Moscow, Russia

 RKF/AKC Shall We Dance Little Mermaid

AKC Motley Acres I Am Fancy

 Mom is a beautiful blue fawn, chocolate carrier & pied carrier.

PKR/AKC  Captain Miss Fortune

AKC Motley Acres I Love Lucy


DOB: February 15, 2019

DNA Color - Em/Em, B/B, KB/ky ll, KB/kby ll, kbr/ky ll, kbr/kbr,  ay/ay, S/sp, h/h, D/d, C/C, M/m ll, M*/m, -I- Genetically dominate black or brindle & merel 

​DNA Genetics- CRM1- carrier, DM- clear, HUU- clear

JHC- clear.   

Fancy was bred & born here on the farm. She's a black merel with a huge white chest & two toned eyes, you can clearly see the blue in them. I had to keep Fancy for myself, she's very different looking.

Fancy is a very sweet & very playful.  This baby girl has joined our family this Feb 15, 2019. She's a beautiful French Bulldog. Her dad is stunning & beautiful. Motley Acres Johnny On The Spot. He is blue/fawn, merel pied  & her mom is Motley Acres Mattie Has Blue Genes, black brindle, blue & pied carrier.

Fancy is house trained & is a pet first, she lives in the house with us. After she grows up she was be bred to a nice blue lilac. Her puppies are due in July 2020.

Fancy is a great asset as our house pet & to our breeding program. She has a lot of growing to do. She loves to cuddle : )



Quinn was born here at Motley Acres Farm. She is dark mahogany in color. Quinn is a daughter of AKC Ch. Belvedere's New Beginning CGC & Int. Ch.  Desert Rose Goldset who was imported from Timisoara, Romania.

Quinn was from Bentley's last litter.

We absolutely love this beautiful girl and plan to take her to Dayton, Ohio in February 2020 for her Int. Ch. title.


She is house trained & great on her leash. Quinn will be bred to either Red or Dolce. When she gets old enough & has a title with passing health clearances. This is a very nice & happy Irish setter.


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Cora's mom is Sarah. 

​Our Lilac Girl

 Ricky Martin Z Arislandu

​BOB at 9 months old in Romania