The Irish setter or Red Setter is from six different breeds including the Gordon Setter, English Setter, Irish Red & White Setter, Irish Terrier, Irish Water Spaniel and the Pointer. They were first known as the Red and White Setter with short legs, and small bone structure. This has been bred out of the Irish Setter. The Red and White Setter is very hard to find world wide, but the Red and White Setter is coming back into popularity like the Red Setter. When we have a pup with a white spot or patch on the chest, it shows the purity of the breed. 

The first picture is Motley Acres Sweet Sarah Sue In Red, she now lives in Naples, Fl. The female with all the ring necks under her collar is Sully, she lives in Conneaut Lake, Pa. Sully was bred & born here at Motley Acres Farm, she is a daughter of Sweet Sarah and Richard.

Irish Setters originated in Ireland and were bred as gun dogs for game birds. These dogs have been known to set their game in the thick brush so the handler knows where the birds are. That's where their name came from; the Irish Setter.

These beautiful dogs range from light mahogany to a dark chestnut in color. They can have a small patch of white on their chest and/or a very small spot of white on their head. They grow to be 21 1/2" - 24 1/2" for the female, 23" - 26" for the male. They weigh 55 lbs. - 75 lbs. The life span is up to 12-14 years.

The Irish Setter is very friendly, intelligent, and excellent with children and other pets. They are known as the Red Headed Clowns, if you do not have a sense of humor then the Irish setter is not for you. As puppies, they have a reputation for getting into everything, but rest assured they will bring you a life time of joy and laughter. They are known to the world of painters as the favorite breed to paint due to their outstanding beauty. There is nothing more beautiful then an Irish setter running or posing in a field of emerald green grass. They are just stunning!!

At Motley Acres Farm, we breed the Irish Setter from many different champion bloodlines from AKC, Canada, Ireland, UK, Romania, Russia, Poland. We have some nice dogs that we imported from different parts of the world. We do not line breed. Our puppies are very well bred for their health, conformation, and wonderful temperament.


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The French Bulldog

   AKC Irish Setters

AKC French Bulldogs

This French Bulldog is the FR CH Show Winner on France 1912. He clearly has a tail. --------------->

Motley Acres Puppies

The French Bulldog is a decedent or cousin of the English Bulldog. Back in the 1500's, the Boule-dogue or Frenchie was developed during the Industrial Revolution when workers, primarily the lace makers, traveled from Britain to France, bringing back the smaller Bulldogs as companions. Now the French breeders preferred the "Bat" like ears & selected the smaller ones that had a docile temperament. The breed caught on with the upper class that brought them to the US by wealthy travelers.

The French Bulldog should stand no more then 30 cm or 29 inches high at the top of the shoulder & weight not more then 29 pounds. The main two features of the French Bulldog is their wide, flat head and "Bat" like ears. They are heavy boned, their coat is smooth, they have a compact build, very muscular. These dogs can have a thick strong tail that tappers to the end. It should cover the anus, not up past the horizon & not below the hock. Some French Bulldogs still have that short tail that shows the purity of the breed. If you show the International shows your French Bulldog must have a tail. It can be very short, but a tail is a must. Although not desirable for today's breeders, some puppies still carry the gene to have a tail. These dogs are very smart and rebel when you leave them or don't pay attention to them.

The health issues this breed has is limited with maybe a soft pallet, some may have a slight breathing problem with having the flat face, they snore and pass gas. The only issue I have seen with my French Bulldogs is the snoring. That is not an issue to me because, my other breeds do that as well. They require a harness instead of collars due to their short neck.

The French Bulldog is a very happy, family member that loves children and everyone for that matter, they get along with other pets, just introduce them slowly and you will not have any issues at all. These guys can not swim!! They are so muscular, top heavy (head heavy) they can not swim so keep a close eye on them if you have a swimming pool or a pond they can get to. Don't let them fall off your boat, they will sink!! These are funny dogs, you will fall in love with them.

Most French Bulldogs need a C-section to give birth, but not always. The puppies have such a large head it's very painful and hard for the expecting mother to give natural birth. Here at Motley Acres Farm we will not take any chances, the mothers to be, will have a C-section scheduled for them. We expect the first litter to arrive in the summer of 2018. All of our dogs including the French Bulldogs will obtain their health clearances and grow up to breeding age before we allow them to raise a litter. All of the litters are in my kitchen till about 4 weeks of age. 

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