I bought this Chillax for my 2 girls that are afraid of the thunder. This really works for my girls & I will continue to use it during thunder storms. No more crawling on my head when it storms.

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Nuvet Plus

​This is a must for puppies going home. The Gastro Pro Plus is a must for your new puppy. Your new pup can be stressed from new smells, new sights, new sounds & being over handled. Their are prebiotics & probiotics that aid the digestive system to help keep stress at a minimum & their stool normal. 

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Pet Foods 

Health & Wellness

These spices or paw-pairings offer your puppy or dog great seasonings on their food. This has anti-oxidants.  

This salmon oil is the best I have ever used. It's great for the heart, immunity, joints, skin & coats. This has 13 to 1 omega 3 & 6. 


Motley Acres Puppies

Tru Panion

Please click on the link below to read all about Nuvet and what it can do for your beloved pet!

I tried the Turkey, Apples & Kale pawTreats.  Penny & Patsy ate the whole bag. 

I also love the Dental Sticks. The residue that is left on their teeth works hard to lift the tarter & keeps their breath fresh. My dogs love these as a treat!! These are like a stick of jerky jammed packed in the bag. 

The flea & tick spray has no chemicals, this works by being all natural with clove & peppermint.

The pawTree promise  

Meat is always the first ingredient.

There are no fillers & no dyes. This product is made in the USA

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