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Motley Acres Puppies

Jake loves his new puppy, Phoebe, they live in Johnstown, PA. Phoebe is  from Bella & Cooper's litter

This is Dylan he lives in Maine with Debbie & Neal

This is Cindy, she lives with Rishor family & their 2 boys in Butler, PA Cindy's son Rory, he is there as well.

This is Jazz, she lives in Lafayette, LA with Kathleen, Jazz loves the pool : )

Full English Cream: Ziva & Rose are full sisters, not litter mates. Halo & George puppies.

Rose is a National Champion in Weatherford, TX This is a George & Halo puppy.

 Ziva lives in Sacramento, PA She is a George & Halo puppy

 Amber Rose,  Woodridge, VA

Brady lives in Cheshire, CT

Lady & Dash Rainwater -  Edmond, OK

Kiley & Keiran -  Marion Heights, PA

Blarney - lives in Canada

This super male puppy lives in Bogotá, Columbia, South America with The Pinzon Family. They just love him. His mom is Connie & his dad is Bentley. Ricardo flew up to Pittsburgh where we met him with his puppy : )

Fun lives in Franklin Massachusetts with the Anatoli Family. He is from Sarah & Bentley's litter : )

This is Karson, he lives with Tricia in Apollo, PA

Sarah the Irish setter lives with Diesel her best buddy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with Gabriela. Cindy & Bentley are her parents

This is Cooper, he lives with Jeff & Glenn in Warminster, PA. He is Ava's & Bullet's pup.

Grainie & Shea live with Deb in Buffalo, NY & Canada.

Sweet Pea & Mocha Love Bug are with their forever family in West Virginia.

Annie Jean lives with her family in Pittsburgh, PA This is a Patsy & Rowan puppy.

Reggie Rae is in Missouri at Rose Valley Kennel.

Samantha & Chester, San Jose, CA Chester is a full brother to Ziva & Rose above. Halo & George puppy.

Ginger is the Golden puppy-Sacramento, CA

Maximus - Lebanon, PA

Flame lives in Illinois

This is Shannon,Washington, PA Shannon retired from Motley Acres.


Hunter, Cinnamon & Ginger live with Betty in North Tonawanda, NY They all came from Motley Acres Farm : )

This is Cooper, he lives with Jason in Natrona Heights, PA

This is Louie, he lives in Pittsburgh with Cassandra & Chris : ) His parents are Peanut & Batman.

  1. Quinn loves the water! She is from Journey & Bentley's litter, she lives with Samantha & her mom & dad Kim & J.J. in Mt. Sherman, KY. Quinn is a show girl : ) She will be shown in AKC shows 2019. 

Roman lives in St College, PA with the Wagner Family : ) He is Lola's & Ollie's puppy.

This is Sache, she lives with John in Pittsburgh, PA 

Lila lives with Joyce & George in New eagle, PA. They just love her.

Haley is Julie & Paul's girl in Virginia, she's a therapy dog : ) 



Lilly & Charlie are full sibling/litter mates, they love swimming. They live next door to Duke  that is a 1/2 brother to Hank.  Duke & Hank belong to sisters, Sarah & Kate. They all live in Pittsburgh, PA   They are all just BEAUTIFUL !!

 Bailey Kuman, Oakmont, PA

Annie lives with Kim & Larry in WV

Sweet Sarah Sue -   Naples, FL

Tugger McGruff is lives in Aston, PA

Tugger has his own F/B page

Brandy is in Hagerstown, MD

This is Buddy, he lives with Allison in Erie, PA He is a George & Halo puppy : )

Joe's beautiful boy Seton, he is one of George's last puppies. Seton lives in New Jersey : )

This is also Sandy, she lives in Columbus, OH  She is also Yogi & Charlotte's & Cinderelle's  full sister & litter mate.

Richard lives in Queens, NY

This is Addie a chocolate/white parti standard Poodle that I placed with Pilot Dogs Inc. in Columbus Ohio. She has completed her training and now resides in Texas with her new owner Lee, as a seeing eye dog. I am very proud of all my puppies that go out as service dogs, hunting dogs, therapy dogs and forever pets. I am very proud that some of my puppies end up with a job that serves the public and their community. This puppy was sired by Rio & her mother is Sweet Pea.  

Maxx that lives with Sunny & Heena in New Jersey.

This is George, one of Lady Grace's puppies & sired by George., he was just 3.8 lbs. at 6 weeks old. They always catch up!! He lives in Donora, PA  with his family Amy & Jack & their other Golden Retriever, Ziva.

 This is Georgia, what a pretty girl

Baxter with his little girl.  Cannonsburg, PA

Ziggy -  Pittsburgh, PA

This is Barbara, she lives in Pittsburgh, PA

Lehigh lives in Baltimore, MD

Alby, he lives with Susan & John in Andover, Mass 

This is Ellie, she lives in Sligo, PA with the Hawk Family. She's a daughter of Rikki & Bentley. Her brother is just right of her, Finnegan.

This is Niki,  she lives in WV at Safari Golden Retriever's. She's a Halo & George puppy.

This is CeCe & her new little friend Jack. They live in Hanson, Mass with Whitney & Dave.

This is Rylee & her new Golden Doodle Gabby, they live in, New Jersey

Ciarrai lives in Medford, NJ  She loves boating!!

   Riley lives with Nancy & Dan in Newbury, VT

   Patsy & Rowan are her parents.

 Honey Bear,  New Kensington,PA

 Bowie lives in NJ

Shelby lives in Salem, NH

Onondaga, Michigan

Motley Acres Farm

This is Cooper, the pup. He lives with Karen & Leonard in Washington, NJ he will be hunting pheasant with his two Irish setter friends Finnegan & Riley

This guy was so tiny as a baby I wasn't sure about him. Rocket at 8 weeks & 7 months old, he lives in Renfrew, PA with his little buddy Conner & his parents Ann & Josh.

Kelly lives in Ontario, Canada

Remember Maghan? She is now Luna. Well look at her now!! She is the happiest puppy ever with the Weilgopolski Family in White Haven, PA. Her litter mate (brother) is to her left, he lives in Bogota; Columbia, South America : ) Another brother is King, you can see him on the Boys Page. He's going to his first show in August 2018. Huron, Ohio. King won Reserve Best In Show Bred By Exhibitor Puppy : )

Penny, lives with Debbie & her daughter Amy in Southampton, NJ. Penny is a Sarah & Bentley puppy ; )

This is Dany, she lives in North Dakota with her family Billy & Jessica ; )

This is Penny, she lives in Pittsburgh with Rosetta, Mike & Casey.

  1. This is Bunsen, he lives in Juliet, Ill with Katie & Jay : ) Peanut & Batman are his parents.  

This is Sandy, she lives in Polt, PA. She is Yogi & Charlotte's full sister & litter mate.

This is Charlotte, she lives in Port Jeff Sta. NY. She is Yogi & Sandy's full sister & litter mate.

This is Yogi, he's an Irish doodle & lives in Mountain Top, PA

Rio now lives the life of luxury with his new family near Buffalo, NY

Rusty & Patsy is in NJ with Rich


 Daisy, Murrysville, PA

Kelly lives in Dunnsville, Virginia

Tammy is an International Champion, she lives in Kingwood, WV

Addie lives in Texas with her new owner, Lee. Addie is Lee's seeing eye dog : )

Jazz, lives with Linda, Josh & Sam in Baltimore, MD. : )

Oliver P lives with Patti & Mike in Marketfield, Maine. Up by Bangor, Maine. Oliver is from Connie & Bentley's litter : )

Maya is the Irish setter, she lives with her friend the English Setter & Ian & Lea in NJ

This is Casie Arin Rose, she lives in Metairie, Louisiana with       Addis & Virginia

This is Morgan she lives in Carson City, Michigan. She's a Golden doodle. George & Sweet Pea puppy.

This is Ellie Girl, she lives with Morgan & David & her best buddy Josh in Columbus, OH  Her parents are Chloe & Rio. 

This is Valerie on the right & a nice male English Cream from Oakbrook Golden Retrievers. They live with Betsy in WV. Valerie is a full sister, litter mate to Niki  that are shown above.

This is Genie, she a daughter of Connie & Bentley & Lux, is a son of  Sarah & Red. They live with Deb in Charlottesville, VA,

Kelly Rose, lives with Joanna & Danny in Pittsburgh, PA. Kelly Rose is a Chloe & Bentley puppy : )

Rylee is also from Ava & Bullet, she lives with Deb & Steve in East Walpole, Massachusetts. 

Killian is on the bottom step hanging out with his friends. He lives in Pittsburgh with Kim & Steve.

 These 2 boys both live with the Mercer Family in Magnolia, Delaware. The Golden Retriever was to stay here, he is George's last male puppy. He was born just 2 days after George passed away. He is in training to be a service dog as Brady's senior project. Scout is Kayla's Irish setter from Rikki & Bentley's litter.

This is Francis, the setter pup with her new friend Lurch. They live in Eagle Bridge, NY with the O'Hearn Family.

 These are Irish doodle puppies from Chloe & Rio.

Nittany, she lives with Sarah & Mike in New Jersey

Wesley Jo & Tyler, Springfield, NJ

King David & Princess Abigail, they live in Souderton, PA

This is Sully, she has 20 Ring Neck Pheasant under her collar under the age of 2, she lives in Conneaut Lake, PA

This is Harrison & Molly. They live in Arizona with the Proudfoot Family. They are beautiful : )

Buddy lives with Tim in NJ, Buddy will be Tuna fishing in the future.

Murphy lives with the Donovan's in Norwood, Mass.

This is Libby Peterman, she lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

This is Lulu, she lives in VA with Cliff & his wife Helena. Lulu has her toenails painted pink. She's a very happy & spoiled puppy.  Mattie & Batman are her parents. 

This is Chloe, she lives with her new family The Flor's  & their children & their English setter in Uniontown, OH

Keeper Red lives in Louisiana with Lizette. Lizette flew to Pittsburgh to take her home : )

This is Remington & Pyke Duca, they are full sibling/littermates.

They live in Oakdale, PA

This is Wrigley, he lives in West Seneca, NY.

Boots is in the wonderful hands of Cindy, Linden, NJ Thank you Cindy. Thank you for rescuing him!

Mr. Bingley who lives in NJ with Elyse & Jim

This is Maggie Mae, she lives in Jonesboro, TN

This is Millie, he lives with Jill & John in Baden PA. Millie is a Chloe & Bentley puppy : )

This is Lola, Lola is also her mother's name. Lola's last puppy & our last Golden doodle. She lives in Moroboro, NJ with Marisa & Ken.

This is Rusty, he lives in Columbus, OH with the Turner Family 

Dolce is moving to Buffalo, New York with Gina.

Jerry, with his 12 year old setter Gillian & Blarney at the front. Blarney is a Sarah & Red puppy. This is Shark River, New Jersey.

Lucy lives in Butler, PA with Jackie, Richard & Shane. She was 3 pounds at around 10 weeks of age. she was a tiny little girl that just loves life. Peanut & Batman are her parents.

Wilma lives with The Cringle Family in Pittsburgh, PA She looks very happy : )

This is gorgeous boy lives in Washington, NJ with Karen & Leonard He's a Sarah & Bentley puppy. He's catching snow flakes : )

 Polly has shown Happiness in AKC shows for a few years now. As you can see Happiness is wonderful in the show ring & a gorgeous AKC Irish setter. They live in West Virginia : )

Darby lives with Michele & John in Souderton, PA

Samantha's baby girl Meghan, they live in Mexico City, Mexico. Meghan has her friends to play with everyday : ) Samantha & her mom flew to Pittsburgh to take her home :)

This is Finn. He lives with Liam & Leighton & thier parents Lucy & Keith in Midland, Michigan. This puppy is from Kelly & Dolce's only litter. 

This is Big Red, he lives in El Paso, Texas with the Barrera Family.

These boy's are both from Rikki & Bentley's 2016 litter. They live with Pete & Marnie in Newport News, Virginia

 Phoebe is 1 year old : )

This is Princess Leia, and her new girl friend, Chewy. They live with Maureen & Matt in Bethel Park, PA. Her parents are Ava & Bullet.

This is Pam & Gary's boy, Murphy. They live in Medina, New York. He is from Rikki & Bentley's litter.

This is Toby at his new forever home in Indianapolis, Indiana with his hew family Eric, Beth & his new friend Georgia, another golden doodle to play with : )

Tugger & Riley live in Maryland with Amy & MIke

Sarah is Kelly & Adam's puppy,  this is the third generation of Sarah's. They live in Saint Clairsville, OH

This is Finn, he lives in Bethlehem, PA with Stacey & Ray & their children RJ & Lily. His mom is Rikki & dad is Bentley : ) His sister is Ellie to the left of him. Now his new little sister in Purple is Maeve, she's moving in with Finn the end of July 2018. Her mom is Journey & dad & is Bentley.

Sam & Sadie live in Dayton, PA with Kathleen & Randy

This is Nellie, she lives with Charlotte & Dan in Mass. She is from Sarah & Bentley. 

Coco lives in Puerto Rico with the Aleman-DelRivero Family. His mom is Garnet & dad is Bentley.

Oli's baby boy from Red & Sarah's last litter. He lives in Michigan 

This is Cho-Loo. Dr. Thomas Starzl & his wife Joyce have this baby girl. Dr. Starzl pioneered the liver transplant the  Colorado University  & moved to Pittsburgh. He saved many-many lives with his team. Sadly, Dr. Starzl passed away in 2017.