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Motley Acres Farm

Motley Acres Puppies

   AKC Irish Setters

AKC French Bulldogs

​​By clicking on the link below labeled One Year Genetic Health Guarantee, you can view our guarantee that comes with all puppies from Motley Acres Farm. This guarantee is limited to cover only genetic disorders. 

By clicking on the link below labeled Puppy Care Contract, you can view the contract that must be agreed to by all clients indicating that they understand the risks involved in taking responsibility for a live animal. Research, research some more, and repeat.

If you can not open either document, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Make sure you do your research, and ask your vet a lot of questions! Irish setter have high energy, but are wonderful family pets. 

  One Year Genetic Health Guarantee 

              Puppy Care Contract