Cindy lives with the Rishor Family in Butler PA along with her son, Rory.

Connie has been retired after 2 great litters. She's being loved by her new family in Ford City, PA

AKC Motley Acres Juliet


AKC ​Motley Acres Mattie Has Blue Genes 


Keo was the biggest Golden Retriever that I have ever seen. He looked like a lion.  Keo has more then 40 dual AKC/Canadian Champions in his very impressive pedigree. He sired very nice puppies that were all placed in good pet homes. 

Mattie is retired after having 2 fabulous litters  & has moved to Conneaut Lake, PA with Cameron & Darien. They just love her. 

Lola as been retired now from breeding after having her last litter November 28, 2017. Lola has been spayed & has moved to Ontario, Canada as a house pet with a nice big back yard where she can continue to chase butterflies & have a nice soft couch to rest on after a hard day at play with her new friends.

Halo was a gorgeous English Cream. Halo had 3 very nice litters. she is missed very much. 

AKC Motley Acres Ollie-Ollie


Anna is Butter's mother, she is the old conformation  foundation Golden retriever, Anna was just the best and loved being a mother and our beloved pet. Anna sadly passed away in the fall of 2014 at the age of 12. We still miss her very much.

Peanut is retired after having 2 fabulous litters & has moved to Washington, DC with Chris & Ben. They just love her. 

AKC Motley Acres Mocha Lovebug


AKC Barb's Sweet Sarah Sue


Sarah has been spayed & moved to her new home in Dayton, Ohio with her daughter, Penny. They have a nice big back yard to play in. 

​ AKC Motley Acres Princess Golden Peanut


AKC Motley Acres Belle of the Ball


​ INT CH AKC Desert Rose Goldset



​ AKC Motley Acres The CapeCrusader Batman


AKC My Anna's A Honey Bear

Penny is our house pet, her pedigree goes back to Am/Mex Champion Red Aye Scraps also known as Walt Disney's Big Red.  Penny was be 14 April 2021. Still with us.

Sweet pea & Mocha live together in West Virginia with their family. They have a lot kids that play with them. I think about them everyday.

Bentley is retired from breeding & will stay hear on the farm for the rest of his life. He has a huge pen he plays in all the time with his girl friends. 

Ollie-Ollie is an English Cream Golden doodle that has been neutered & retired from breeding at the age of 3. He lives in Pittsburgh with his new family. They just love him!!


Int. Ch. ​CKC AKC Captiva Constance


 Sweet Red Sarah lives in Naples, Florida. I think about all my girls & boys everyday.

​ AKC Motley Acres Sweet Red Sarah


    ​  Imported from Poland 

AKC Amore Dolce Kucciolotti


Big George just pasted away August 9, 2016. He is missed so much. He has retired from this life & is now in Heaven with whom ever he needed to go too. This big guy will always be missed here at home.  

​ AKC CH Belvedere's New Beginning

​                           Bentley


​ AKC Motley Acres Garnet


Patsy is our house pet from the day she was born.  She's a daughter of Penny & Dusty. Patsy is 10 & still with us & her mother Penny who is 14 now.

​Juliet lives in Conn . with her daughter Ruby. 


​ AKC Barb's Big Red Lady Bug (Patsy)


Dusty came to me from Rose Valley Kennel in Missouri in the spring of 2008. I retired Dusty from Motley Acres Farm around 2012 after keeping several of his daughters that I could not breed him too. Dusty died from a stroke just before his 12th birthday. I still have his daughter, Patsy who is retired.


Journey had 1 litter after she was titled & passed all her clearances. We have her daughter Quinn. How beautiful Journey is.

Int. Ch. BOB AKC Motley Acres George Iz Just Amazing

AKC Motley Acres White Halo

Chloe has been retired for some time now & has moved with her new family in Ohio. She has children & an English Setter to play with.

Bella is at her new home in Pittsburgh with the Ayers Family

AKC Barb's Big Red Pretty Penny

​AKC Motley Acres Flawless Ruby is living with her mother Juliet in Conn. 


Brookie Face was a house pet, spayed and retired. She was almost 12 years old, October 17, 2017. Brooke loved being with her kitties & eating popcorn. We all miss Brooke very much. This girl never complained.

AKC Anna's Butterball

Garnet had only 1 litter, spayed & went to a wonderful pet home.

AKC Brooke Ann Redlands Shuman

Motley Acres Farm

Dolce is retired at the age of 2. He is a house pet & lives in Buffalo, New York with Gina. 

Nat. Ch. AKC Redlands Dusty Boots of Texas


Motley Acres Puppies

AKC Motley Acres Dreamy Creamy Lola.


Butter is a daughter of Anna . Butter had all her babies here at home at Motley Acres Farm.  She is still here playing with her girl friends. Spayed and retired from being a mother that she just loved being. I truly believe Butter was born to be a mother. Both Anna & Butter are the perfect example of the Golden Retriever...Gorgeous!! Butter will be 12 years old August 2021.

AKC Motley Acres Sweet Pea Parti Girl


AKC Motley Acres Dark N Dusty Chloe


Batman is neutered & our house pet along with Penny, Patsy & Dixie. 

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AKC ​Motley Acres Cinnamon Girl